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What Clients Say About Michael Knight

No matter how many awards or accolades one wins, we believe the true measure of a builder’s success is how often their clients trust him to work with friends or family. We’re proud to say that almost all of our work comes from personal referrals. Here are a few of the gracious comments we’ve received from happy clients.

“Honest, driven, thorough, organized.”

Before hiring him, we visited the home Mike Knight built at Ardmore Hall, and checked a few references. All of those customers had the same thing to say: outstanding workmanship, quality crew, and excellent organization. One of things that we liked was that Mike was going to be personally involved in the day-to-day building of the home, which wasn’t always the case with other contractors. Once we started construction there were no hiccups at all, even when we made changes. Mike’s communications are his strength. We were still in Calgary at the time, and he kept us fully informed of progress. Every month, he gave us budget updates on the changes we would make when we arrived to do our site tour. There were no surprises about what the cost would be at the end. The words I would use to describe Mike’s personality would be: honest, driven, thorough, organized.

Dick and Linda, Windward Oaks, Oak Bay

“Mike understood our budget fears and helped us work through them.”

Building a custom home is a big commitment. We had a modest budget. We saw the kind of homes that Mike works on and frankly it scared us. But Mike understood our budget fears, and helped us work through them. What’s funny is that later on in the building phase when we wanted to make changes, many times he stepped in and tried to pull us back. His crew is like that too. During the building – and I was on site a lot – the guys would come across an issue and come up with a solution on-the-fly. For example we had some funky things going on with the ceilings in our kids’ bedrooms. One of the guys came up with the idea that we should build a loft above the closets. It would have been dead space. But now we have a climbing wall going up into this loft and my kids love it. From the start, we knew nothing about building a home, and Mike held our hand through the whole process. He gave us daily check-ins by phone, and was always responsive to our requests. It felt like he was way over doing it, but then I realized he does this for everyone. He’s just a generous guy.

Darwyn Roland, Saanich BC

“We have come to appreciate the value of a contractor who understands what we are looking for”

Through many years of personal experience with having homes built and extensively renovated, we have come to appreciate the value of a contractor who understands what we are looking for and delivers it. We are exacting clients with high standards and expectations in every regard, and seeing our projects through to satisfactory completion requires close and ongoing attention to detail.

Your work for us was excellent. Though our projects were small in scope compared to those you normally undertake, we so appreciate what you did for us. You stepped up to the plate immediately when our previous contractor was shorthanded and unable to help. You listened to what we needed, organized the work and kept us appraised of your progress, involving us to the extent we wished along the way. The work was completed in a timely manner by capable and lovely crew, who respected and took care with our renovated home. Each time something extra or unexpected came up, as often happens with old houses, it was dealt with immediately.

It was a pleasure to work with you and your crew, Mike. We look forward to calling on you again and would happily recommend you to future clients. Thanks again for everything!

Barbara & Peter Duncan- Victoria, BC

“Mike is a No BS kind of guy.”

Mike is a straight talker. A no BS kind of guy. He was realistic about the time to build an addition for my 1921 heritage home. And he never underbid it, just to get the job and then change the price later. We needed to make knee joints to match the original design and he solved numerous problems like these on site as they occurred. There was never any surprise. He’s an even-tempered guy, always organizing. And his crew is superb.

Bill Kay, Cordova Bay, Saanich BC

“We have a superbly built home with exceptional attention to detail”

“Thank you Mike for building us such a beautiful and livable home. We were tremendously pleased with the building process. Not only did you get us into our new home ahead of schedule but you and your team of carpenters were accessible, responsible and experienced. Everyone cared very much about the end result. You were all truly a pleasure to work with. The site proved to have its little hiccups, especially at the beginning of the project, but you were able to guide us along and deal effectively with the challenges presented. In addition, your ability to work closely with us on the design of the house, both inside and out, was pleasant and refreshing. At the end of the day, we have a superbly built home with exceptional attention to detail and a wonderful sense of a continuing relationship with M. Knight Construction into the future.”
Lisa Zumpano, Victoria, BC

“After careful consideration, Mike was our choice”

We interviewed several general contractors and visited homes they had built. After careful consideration Mike was our choice. As it turned out, this was the most difficult part of building our home. Once the decision was made, Mike took charge and made the rest easy for us. It is without reservation or qualification that we can recommend Mike as a general contractor.

“Mike Knight developed a good working relationship with the designer of our home.”

It was a pleasure having our home built by Mike Knight Construction. There are matters that stand out for us. Early on in the project Mike Knight developed a good working relationship with the designer of our home. Due to this relationship we had early and amicable resolution of the normal issues that arise related to design versus construction. We were provided with detailed monthly budget and cost forecasts and Mike would review them with us at any time that we had questions. This ensured we had no surprises with respect to the final cost of our home. Scheduling is also one of Mike Knight’s real strengths. He routinely provided us information on upcoming activities or decisions that might require our input. Despite this being a very large project, our house was delivered to us a few days ahead of the originally scheduled completion.

“Mike provided advice that saved money and improved our house.”

We found Michael to be accessible and a pleasure to interact with. He was highly flexible in instituting ideas we felt were important to us. His team is highly adaptable in dealing with out-of-the-ordinary work. Mike provided advice that saved money and improved our house.

Mike has a calm manner that inspires confidence.

Michael has a calm manner which inspires confidence in his ability. He is extremely efficient and had each step in my home’s construction planned to follow the previous one without any problems. I really appreciated the way he advised me each day how things were progressing and what was to be done next.

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