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"Custom Homes of Distinction"

Why choose Michael Knight for your next custom home or renovation?

Over the past three decades, Michael Knight Construction has built, restored, or renovated some of the most distinctive homes on the South Island. Our work has been recognized with a Georgie and multiple CARE awards, and featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Western Living, Boulevard, the Times Colonist, Homes and Living, and on many blogs. But what matters most to us isn’t the awards and attention we receive, but the enormous pride both we and our clients get from the result. When you care about the craft of building as much as we do, everything else falls into place. Here are five things that make us uniquely different from every other Victoria custom home builder and renovation contractor.

We’re a low volume builder.

You may think that limiting the number of projects you work on isn’t a very smart business strategy. But in our case, it is. Each year, we only take on a handful of custom home and renovation projects, because it’s important for us to be able to provide a standard of quality that exceeds the norm. We use many of the same crews and same subcontractors for each project, which guarantees the same remarkable result every time.

We solve most construction problems before the first sketch is drawn.

The advantage of being in business for 30 years means that you get to explore many new experiences. It takes years to determine the durability of a new building material, and the time-tested experience of a veteran builder to judge the practicality of a new technique or technology. It also takes experience to know that almost every problem related to ‘buildability’ during construction can be prevented in the planning and design phase. By working collaboratively with your architect or designer, we can make cost-saving suggestions and resolve potential issues before they arise.

To us, it’s more than business. It’s personal.

When you meet Michael Knight for the first time, you will notice how warm and down-to-earth he is. What you won’t see is how engaged he is in every step of the project. From meeting with the designer to pulling permits to managing day-to-day crews to post-construction check-ins and issue resolution, Michael takes the term ‘hands-on’ to a new level. With Michael, you get straight answers and regular progress updates with itemized statements, so you never feel stressed or surprised. Well after your project is completed, Michael will continue to check in. One client tells the story of how Michael paid a social visit two years after building his home, and upon seeing rust on one his roof vents, had them all replaced. Another describes how Michael brought in a highly sought after cabinet-maker who the homeowner had been trying to book for weeks. Michael’s combination of generosity, thoroughness, and relentless perfectionism not only make him a one-of-a kind builder, but a dependable friend.

We’re not done until it’s perfect.

All top builders claim to offer “great quality, craftsmanship, and service” as well as many other positive attributes. But very few can stand up to the detail and finishing standards of a Michael Knight home. A core member of Michael’s crew, Tom Rush, a master carpenter with 30 years’ experience, says that Michael (who is also a master carpenter by trade), has the best eye of any builder he’s ever worked with. “Michael can spot a miter cut that’s off by 1/16” or a single stair riser that’s ¼”short.” For Michael, the warmth of a home comes from the finishing, and the job isn’t done until it’s absolutely perfect.

We have the ‘nicest’ crews and subcontractors.

We have core staff on our crew that we use repeatedly. Most have decades of experience in home building, and all are experts in their disciplines. But what makes our people really stand out is the infectious ‘positivity’ they show to one another, your neighbours and to you. Ask them questions, and they will answer them with enthusiasm and honesty. Bring them coffee and they will say “thanks.” One client who wanted to be part of the build told us: “We had such fun with the process.” We all love what we do, and we’re excited to help you build your dream project.

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