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Custom Home Builder Victoria Video – A showcase of Windward Oaks

We’ve been working on this video for some time, and are extremely happy to finally have it released! It’s a great 4 minute video that showcases homeowners of the Windward Oaks home Dick & Linda. They talk about their experience building a custom home in Victoria with Mike Knight, and their overall thoughts on the project. Additional details such as …


Moving a heritage home…

Before we could break ground on the stunning Windward Oaks home, we first had to remove the old heritage home which stood on the property for so many years. We worked with a long time home moving company “Nickel Brothers” to move the home up to the road, and then have it transferred. As you can see from the images …


Windward Oaks during a recent storm

It’s always a delight to come back and see how a home take shape years after we’ve built it. The Windward Oaks home is no exception. We recently received some pictures of some massive waves breaking on the shores of this beautiful property and custom home.  


Welcome to Michael Knight Construction Blog

Welcome to the launch of our new website. Much like one of our fine custom homes in Victoria, building a beautiful and functional site such as this takes a bit of time, patience and attention to detail. We will continue to update our blog and Facebook page with updates on homes we’ve completed, new and innovate custom home building ideas, …