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Why build your own custom home? In a word: livability. You’re not adapting to someone else’s space. You determine the layout of rooms to fit your needs and furnishings, the extravagance of fixtures, the finishings, and have the opportunity to build from durable materials that meet the most up-to-date building codes and energy efficiency guidelines. Your custom home is built to suit you and your family. And the beauty is, you know what’s behind the walls. There is a reason M. Knight Construction has built the best custom homes in Victoria. Here’s a breakdown of our process:

Phase 1: Design & Planning

In our first meeting you’ll get a chance to interview us, and we’ll get a chance to find out what your vision is. If you haven’t decided on a site for your home, we can help you with an inspection and offer advice on suitability. If you have a designer or architect, we engage with them from the beginning of the drawings to ensure building feasibility of the home design.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction

Time to discuss the budget. We work on flat rate or cost plus arrangements, depending on your preference. The advantage with flat rates is that you will know exactly what the end cost will be, provided you make no changes. A cost-plus approach allows you to see exactly what is being spent on each line item, and the markup will charge for our services as a percentage of construction costs. We’ll discuss specification options like materials, landscaping and whatever else you want to include, and once completed, agree on a budget. That will lead to a written contract that we will both sign. Then final drawings are submitted to the local municipality for permits and approvals. Any issues with the city are resolved, and then building start dates and schedules are set.

Phase 3: Construction

Site preparation occurs. We begin excavating. Form up and pour the footings and foundation walls. We build floor joists, start framing and sheathing the exterior. Windows and doors are ordered. You get to review things like flooring, cabinets, electrical, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, media control, alarms and more. During this process, Mike Knight personally supervises the crew and subtrades, ensuring that quality standards are being met. Rough-ins for plumbing and heating, as well as city inspections take place. You’ll be invited to conduct regular site visits as often as you like. We adhere to strict safety standards and carry full WCB coverage and insurance to insulate you from liability. We also provide you with regular updates on your home’s progress, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You’ll get a chance to address changes or concerns throughout the process.

Phase 4: Handover

Your home is built. The site has been cleaned, and any residual issues have been resolved. Together we’ll conduct a pre-occupancy inspection and give you an orientation to the features of your home and how to properly maintain it to ensure your 10-year Home Warranty stays valid. You get the keys and start moving in. We’ll sign off and leave you with a project binder that includes manuals, warranties and a list of contacts for tradespeople and appliances installed in your home.

Phase 5: Follow up

Mike Knight will follow up with you after 3 month, 6 months and 12 months, conducting inspections of the internal and external systems to make sure everything is as it should be. If any items need to be dealt with, Mike will usually take care of it within a few days. Darwyn Roland, owner of a home Mike built in Saanich, says this about Mike’s follow-up service: “We had some issues with getting some cabinet hardware and Mike had the contractor take care of it the next day. We were blown away.”

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