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Choosing the Site for Your Custom Home

Wondering where you should build your dream home? Talk to us. Mike Knight was born and raised on the South Island, and for over thirty years has built custom homes in almost every neighbourhood in the Greater Victoria area. He knows where to find the best lots, and which areas to avoid. He keeps tabs on all the best land opportunities, so there‚Äôs a good chance he may have your perfect site already picked out. Hiring a professional builder like Mike Knight to guide your home site selection will save you time and money — and helps ensure that your design phase goes off without a hitch.

The benefits of using Mike Knight for home site selection:

Local Knowledge Gives You the Inside Track

Victoria offers a temperate year-round climate, amazing recreational opportunities, and a remarkable diversity of siting options for your dream home. Probably why the Garden City is Canada’s top choice for retirees. But before you begin the building phase, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with each region’s advantages and disadvantages. For instance, did you know the temperature difference from one end of the Peninsula to the other can vary by as much as 3 degrees Celsius? That certain pockets of waterfront have up to 50% more sun than others? These are just two things that a builder with local knowledge can help with.

A Builder’s Perspective Helps you Avoid Common Pitfalls

Using a land broker or realtor to help you find a home site is better than doing it yourself, but using a seasoned builder like Mike Knight gives you the advantage of a builder’s perspective. Mike, for instance, will know if the lot you want offers the best fit with your lifestyle. How will the various outbuildings be situated on the lot? How will slopes and mature trees impact sun and wind exposure? Is a geothermal system feasible? Will you be able to get building equipment and materials into the areas you need them? A professional builder like Mike Knight takes the guesswork out of such questions, saving you expensive headaches down the road.

Local Connections Save Time and Reduce Risks

When choosing a site for your future home, you’ll need to seek opinions from a variety of professionals to ensure you have no surprises later on. In addition to visiting with local municipal officials to determine setbacks and easements, you’ll want to consult with an environmental or civil engineer to test the soil for stability, drainage, and septic options. You’ll also need to have the site surveyed by a technician and title searched by a lawyer, so that you can verify ownership of all sections of the land. Mike Knight can manage all of these connections for you, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

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