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1935 Character Home Reno

A full renovation was completed on this 1935 Cadboro Bay Character Home. It features large marble highlights through out the kitchen and dining areas, and exquisite custom mill-work adoring most of the home.

1921 Cadboro Bay Reno

We love working on heritage and classic home, and this 1921 Cadboro Bay renovation is certainly no exception. This renovation encompassed many aspects, including an outdoor patio area, landscape, exterior addition and more.

Fritzes’s Farm Reno

Mike enjoys the peace and tranquility living on a farm can bring, so it comes as no surprise this particular renovation was a pleasure to be involved in. This renovation includes developing entirely new barns, entrance, landscaping & exterior as well as a full renovation to the current farmhouse.

Plenty Renovation Pictures to come

Everyone loves high-resolution and detailed pictures. Some of our pictures from previous renovations needed a face lift, we will be heading back to these renovations to update the photos.

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